This Privacy Policy sets forth the policies of Lavien Group LLC (“Lavien”) with respect to non-public personal information you provide to us. These policies apply to individuals only and may be modified at any time, provided a notice of such change has been given to you.

You provide us with personal information, such as your name, address, telephone number, social security number, account information, assets and/or income information (i) in the subscription agreement and related documents, (ii) in correspondence and conversations with Lavien’s representatives; and (iii) through transactions in a Lavien fund.

We will disclose non-public personal information about you to parties other than our affiliates only for the following reasons:

  • Legal and routine business reasons: We may disclose non-public personal information if required or permitted by law. We may share information with government agencies that have jurisdiction over us, for example in regulatory examinations or inspections. We may be required under anti-money laundering and similar laws to disclose non-public personal information in order to accept subscriptions from you. We may also receive subpoenas from private parties in litigation who believe that we have evidence relevant to a given cause of action. In addition, we will from time to time disclose non-public personal information to our auditors and accountants, attorneys, brokers, and back-up data storage providers for legal and business reasons.
  • To manage your investments: We may also disclose non-public personal information to certain service providers we have engaged to help us accept and manage your investments. Such service providers may include consultants, temporary workers, and our third-party account administrator, among others.
  • With your authorization: We may disclose non-public personal information to certain persons at your request or with your consent.

This web site may use “cookies,” which from time to time automatically collect certain information and data. “Cookies” are small pieces of data sent to your computer browser from our web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. The data identifies you as a unique user and facilitates your ongoing access to and use of this web site. Cookies also help us diagnose problems with our server.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your nonpublic personal information. We direct entities performing services for us, including accountants, attorneys, auditors, brokers, consultants, temporary workers, and our third-party administrator, to protect your non-public personal information and to only use such information to provide the services we have contracted with them to perform.

If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at info at laviengroup dot com.

Should our privacy policies change with respect to sharing your non-public personal information with non-affiliated third parties, we will notify you. At that time, you may notify us, in writing, if you wish that your non-public personal information not be shared in such manner except as necessary to manage your investments, as required for legal or routine business reasons or with your consent.

Use of this website is governed by the User Agreement. The content contained on this site is provided to users “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” without any express or implied warranty. For info on your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy.
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